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About stratbuilder.com

  • What's stratbuilder.com all about?
  • What do we do?
  • Who ARE we anyway?
  • Who is this website aimed at?
  • What can you do on stratbuilder.com
  • Who answers the phone?
  • You guys are cool, can I be a part of the stratbuilder team?
  • Enough ALREADY, I just wanted to contact you!

What's stratbuilder.com all about?

Tony McKenzie - Founder of this site:  stratbuilder is all about providing a site for everyday guitarists to check out the feasibility of making a strat. Not just any old strat, but the best one you can with the money you can afford.

This site does NOT sell anything believe it or not - its only aim is to help musicians achieve a great goal, that is, of making a stratocaster style guitar that is a world class instrument.

I started this site quite recently, (about a year ago) but it has taken from the end of 2002 through 2004 to get here. I don't have much spare time, but I'm getting older so one day this site will be updated regularly. Checkout everything on this site - it's NOT for luthiers or music shops but for MUSICIANS who are either fed up with extortion by way of guitar costs, or maybe, want an instrument with their own input - as I did.

I don't offer direct support for anyone - just read what I did and have a go - it really is not hard to make the dream guitar.

What do we do?

I am a practising musician, (www.tonymckenzie.com) and use my guitars all the time. Listen to some of the music on my site and it's likely you will hear this guitar as featured on this site. I have video too - targeted at musicians.

Who ARE we anyways?

A likely bunch of feckless hippies.

Who is this website for?


  •  wanting a great strat.

  •  looking for a refreshing new way to get the best strat

  •  needing a helping hand with making the guitar

  •  wanting to learn about making a strat

  •  needing online resources

  •  wanting to gain some helpful insights and help about where (and if) I went wrong!

What can you do on stratbuilder.com

  •  Find out what you need

  •  Learn how to build or customize your strat

  •  Look for help if you get stuck

  •  Get a brand new guitar made by you for you

  •  Send me some pictures of your guitar for this site

You guys are cool, can I be a part of the stratbuilder.com team?

Sure thing, but only when you have completed your own guitar (it does not have to be a strat, but it helps). I will then post your guitar's picture (and maybe yours?) for everyone on the internet to see - and that's a lot of people!

Enough ALREADY, I just wanted to contact you!

Contact us by email at tony@stratbuilder.com until the junk mail gets painful then I'll terminate it and make a new email address. I'll be back....




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