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There's nothing to say that you cannot just throw your strat together and arrive at - a heap of bits just thrown together (what did you expect me to say)....

BUT - if you are clear and methodical then the result will be that the sum is greater than the parts and that was certainly the result in my case.

Most of all TAKE YOUR TIME and don't guess if you don't know - I guarantee the answer is on the internet to your problem if not on this site so walk don't run.

There are many areas of difficulty when you decide to get the show on the road and make your own guitar - even if the main components are purchased semi complete as I did. Don't forget one simple mistake could either make your pride and joy a wreck or at the very least look unsightly when the project is complete. Strive to get it right every time.

Finished Strat If you get it right all the world will want to know how you did it - it can't be that simple can it?

OK it's time to get down to building this thing so let's get going before we change our mind.





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