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Presently I am going to update this site to show a newer Strat I built... Heres a picture :

Custom Strat

and heres the current build Strat guitar...
Tony McKenzie's 'strat' project made in 2002

This site has been developed subsequent to a project that I had of making a really great strat. I wanted to make a strat like no other, with features that are hard if not impossible to find on almost any strat style guitar today.

The above picture is one of many you will find on this site. There are countless images showing exactly how I made this strat in just about 3-4 months very simply and while learning what to do. Probably like you, I did not have a clue of how to make a guitar, let alone a world class instrument, but it was actually not hard to do at all and I have a strat that features the best there is, without the custom shop price!

Here's the specification:

  •  22 Fret Neck very heavily figured throughout
  •  Custom Radius setup which eliminates choking off
  •  Custom made pickups - some of the finest in the world
  •  Industry standard tremolo system as 62 strat
  •  Adjustable truss rod, while the neck is fitted
  •  Louisiana Swamp ash body and maple top (the real thing)
  •  Hollowed and lightened body cavities for reduced weight
  •  Dream Custom Purple finish
  •  Custom wiring
  •  Custom Case
  •  Strap locks as standard (the way it should be)
  •  Best playability on the planet
  •  Best sounding strat in the world!
  •  Cost less than 700 in the UK with brand new parts

This instrument is NOT a Fender Guitar, although there are many Fender components included. The 'Fender' logo on the neck is a 'replacement' logo and is NOT intended to imply that this instrument is made by Fender.

Well, as you can see, this is one cool piece of gear. I've had lots of strats over the years, from deluxe, standard, super strat, the 'dreamstrat'*, a 62 strat and simply too many more to mention. One thing is for sure, no matter what money you pay, it's likely that this strat beats them all, hands down and at a fraction of the cost of the relics etc - who wants a beat up guitar anyway....

OK you have found this site, I sincerely hope that it inspires you too to make your own guitar and see exactly how cool these guitars can be. There is little doubt, that with a bit of patience and time then you too can make a guitar that can be as cool as anything in the whole world - especially with YOUR input. I guess you know how much that would cost in a custom shop....

I truly hope you enjoy this site - it has been developed over long hours to bring my experiences to you.

Tony McKenzie (


Please note that 'strat' 'stratocaster' and all other good words are and remain the ownership of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.  All trademarks acknowledged.

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