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The Plan

Yummy - Great Results!

Yep, I did it. I set out to build one of the best strats (for me) that I could ever own and I achieved my goal. I agree it was sometimes difficult to do with little experience on my part, but I would do it again (and probably will).

This guitar from any angle is quality, I guess the likes of the top brands would charge a small fortune for this if they could actually spend the time hand finishing this as I did. There was overall about 2.5 to 3 months work off and on which was mostly spare time - or I made spare time. But that is not something a manufacturer has - free spare time. They pay their employees by the hour and have to sell that time to stay in business.

The guys that work for free don't exist today.

Below are a number of shots that in my view show the guitar in all of it's glory, and you too can achieve a similar result. I hope this site drives you to make your own and I would love some pictures of your guitar to feature on this site - but preferably pictures of guitars you have made yourself.

Giutar in Case

Special Truss Rod Adjuster
Cool Action
Finished Peg Head
Neck Finish
Neck Plate 62

The Real Deal

I really hope you like the pictures and now get down to making your own - it's great fun with a very worthwhile result if you're careful

Tony McKenzie.




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