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  The Plan

When I decided to build my own strat, many things made me consider this option in the first place. I have been playing guitar for at least 34 years and I have had so many strats that I had in fact become disillusioned with them.

The fact is, I always did like a strat to listen to, and with Hendrix, SRV and Eric Johnson playing them I knew this style of guitar was cool. That's where it stopped. Playing your average strat in my view was not something to relish, firstly I was a Gibson and Ibanez player with hum buckers on the guitar - a bit of meat to drive the amps I use. Then there was the hum, there's no need to talk about that I'm sure - it's legendary and took the originators of this guitar well over 28 years to actually get to grips with the problem - thanks to AGI Lace.

BUT, strats are light, good ones play reasonably well and the super strats are very good to play. So what I wanted was a guitar that no one else actually makes, at least not for my budget (or probably yours). I also wanted an investment that I would not loose oodles of money from and a guitar that had 'my' sound. It is a big order but I know it's possible for a reasonable cost.

Take a look at 'the plan' and see where I went from here.....




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